Use of OPAQUE data


Inside a SyncML message there can be Device Information. This Device Information is a WBXML on it own and is normally added as OPAQUE data to the parent SyncML WBXML.
Currently no solution is defined to solve this issue. A discussion should be started about the use of WBXML inside a WBXML.
Closed Apr 5, 2009 at 10:14 AM by jcdekoning
Opaque data (like Device Information which is part of a SyncML message and already in WBXML format) is now supported with the 1.0 release. To define which tags hold opaque data, one or more XPath expressions can be set.

For example: the Device Information provided in the XML message is added as HexString and should be handled as Opaque data when encoding the following expression can be used

            new OpaqueDataExpression("Data", "../../Meta[Type='application/vnd.syncml-devinf+wbxml']"));
This means that the content of a Data tag will be handled as Opaque data when the tag Type of the parent tag Meta contains the value application/vnd.syncml-devinf+wbxml. Otherwise the content of the Data tag will be encoded as inline string