Global tokens - Global extension token (EXT) not supported


The Global extension token (EXT, EXT_I and EXT_T) are not supported.
Description from the WBXML specification section
The global extension tokens are available for document-specific use. The semantics of the tokens are defined only
within the context of a particular document type, but the format is well defined across all documents. There are three
classes of global extension tokens: single-byte extension tokens, inline string extension tokens and inline integer
extension tokens.
Inline string extension tokens (EXT_I*) have the following format:
EXT_I* … char data …
Inline integer extension tokens (EXT_T*) have the following format:
EXT_T* mb_u_int32
Single -byte extension tokens (EXT*) have the following format:
The effect of a switchPage preceding an extension will depend upon where the extension appears. If switchPage
appears in content, it will change the tag code page. If switchPage appears in an attribute list, it will change the attribute
code page.